Hello from Dave!

What is his role?

Dave is the co-founder of Amac and writes and produces all our courses. Although he is predominantly an academic these days, he also works closely with the operations team to ensure quality control. Dave continues to develop content and publish resources for the fitness industry and is a leading figure in championing educational standards.

What is his background?

Dave has been coaching sports and martial arts for almost 25 years and has worked in the fitness industry (in various capacities) for over 20 years.

He started his academic career by studying psychology. He holds an MSc in sports coaching, an MA in education and is currently completing a doctorate.

What are his main academic interests?

His main interests in exercise science include sports conditioning, exercise physiology and exercise psychology. He’s currently investigating vocational pedagogy/professional development and maximising transfer of learning to work performance (with particular focus on fitness education).

What are his interests outside education?

Martial arts, martial arts and martial arts!