What our graduates say

Amac welcome feedback as it makes everyone’s job worthwhile knowing we have enabled individuals to achieve their goals! If you’re an Amac graduate and would like to share your feedback, please get in touch!


‘The course structure was ideal, with good sessions and enough time for breaks in between. James (our instructor) was part of the reason I enjoyed the course so much; fun and informative throughout!!! Would personally recommend, and want James to teach my Level 3’

Amy Salmon
L2 Gym Instructor, July 2015


‘I’ve really enjoyed the learning, and the feedback on course has been so useful. I’ve gained a lot of confidence which I can now apply to the future.’

Christine Younan
L2 Gym Instructor, August 2015


‘Emma (our on course tutor), and fellow students within the class have been very nice, helpful and supportive.’

Dan Riley
L2 Gym Instructor, July 2015


‘I really enjoyed the course, and feel like I have learnt so much.  Our tutor on course was very good at teaching us everything that we need to know in an effective way.’

Natasha Michouis
L2 Gym Instructor, July 2015


‘The course was very well structured, and the Instructor had extensive knowledge.’

Michelle Dodd
L2 Gym Instructor, July 2015


‘I loved learning the practical element of the course.  Our tutor Lucy explained things well and made it fun.’


Sarah Winful
Level 3- Personal Training, June 2015


“The course tutor (Kris) was a friendly guy who made learning relatable and understandable. He was firm but fair, and got the job done!”

Niall Carlier
Level 2 – Gym Instructing, April 2015


“Very thorough training – lots of relevant information covering what we need to know.  I enjoyed the mix of classroom & gym based work.  The Tutor really knew what he was talking about. I’m really glad I went with your company because your customer service is lovely as well.”

Tamseen Lorna Mills
Level 2 – Gym Instructing, April 2015


“The Tunbridge Wells venue was very easy to get to.  The teaching was good quality and fun, and the email support was fantastic with immediate responses which were very accommodating. I really enjoyed the course.”

Dudley Owens
Level 2 – Gym Instructing and Level 3 – Personal Training, March 2015


“I am sooooooo happy. I Will certainly be back to do some further CPD in the coming months. Thanks to everyone at AMAC for all the support I have received, I would definitely recommend you as a training company.”

Jo Robinson
Level 2 – Gym Instructing and Level 3 – Personal Training, February 2015


“I’ve completed a variety of fitness courses with Amac – including my Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications. I’ve always been impressed with their fantastic customer service, value for money and extensive selection of courses on offer. If you are looking to take your next step into the world of fitness – don’t hesitate to learn with Amac!”

Lisa White
Level 2 – Gym Instructing and Level 3 – Personal Training, February 2015


“I was really impressed by how great the service was by Jo. Everything was quick and painless. Amazing service!”

Siavash Alipour
Level 2 – Gym Instructing and Level 3 – Personal Training, February 2015


“Thank you. I am so happy. Looking forward to receiving my certificate. Would like to thank you for all your help. Also special thanks goes to Kelly and Emma they are amazing tutors and I’ve learned so much from them and will take this experience anywhere I go. Many Thanks again.”

Sebastian Keczmerski
Level 2 – Gym Instructing, February 2015


“The course was very well planned, and explained clearly, and in detail. The Instructor had a lot of knowledge and skill in the training styles, and was very positive and motivating”

Lucy Hughes
PROfusion Range – Ropes, January 2015


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Combat Training course.  I had a great time learning techniques and feel confident in covering or holding a combat course in different formats.  Dave and Kris are great tutors/trainers.  Dave was great and made a serious course fun to learn on all formats.”

Anita Cormier
PROfusion – Combat Training, October 2014


“Brilliant course. Really enjoyed it. Dave is very knowledgable!”

Karen Allan
PROfusion Range – High Intensity Interval Training, October 2014


“The Instructor was very good and really knew his stuff.”

Sean Bolton
PROfusion – Sandbag Training, September 2014


“A massive thank you to everyone at Amac, especially my tutor Lucy. You’ve all helped me realise my dream and I’m ready for my next challenge!”

Sharon Appleton
Level 2 – Gym Instructing and Level 3 – Personal Training, February 2014