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Study to be a PT, start now for free!

Posted: 21st Aug, 2015 by Nicola

Amac have ditched the deposit and increased the amazing value of our Personal Trainer Career Package. We are always looking for new ways to help our students overcome the barriers to accessing fitness qualifications whilst retaining high quality course provision and service. We now have a unique opportunity to offer 24+ Advanced Learning Loans with […]

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The Calories of Christmas

Posted: 16th Dec, 2014 by Dave Lee

Although the festive season is a time to be merry, nobody is immune to overindulging themselves. The following article suggests that it’s even possible to tot up 7000 calories on Christmas Day without really noticing. Even if we usually eat healthily it is very easy to binge on food and drink, especially at parties. Instead […]

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Get fit 2015

Posted: 2nd Dec, 2014 by Dave Lee

According to a recent article in the Guardian a whole host of new fitness trends are set to take hold in the New Year. However, it is body weight training that has been predicted as the biggest “craze”. Read more.

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What is in your sandwich?

Posted: 17th Nov, 2014 by Dave Lee

A study has shown that the quantity of salt in our lunchtime staple is often overlooked. Even sandwiches that are low in calories and fat might contain around 20% of an individual’s daily salt intake. Processed meats, cheeses and breads all contribute to these high sodium levels. Just one more thing to factor in when […]

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How alcohol measures up

Posted: 31st Oct, 2014 by Dave Lee

Most people are fully aware that alcohol is ‘empty calories’, providing little nutritional benefit. However, the quantity of calories in our favourite drinks is often overlooked. This is particularly alarming when totting up the beverages we might drink throughout the course of an evening. Just two pints of beer might equate to a small meal! […]

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A mouldy issue

Posted: 23rd Oct, 2014 by Dave Lee

Read this article if you’ve ever found yourself contemplating eating something that’s passed its best. Learn to decipher when it’s okay to just remove the mould or still cook with “iffy” ingredients rather than throwing them away.

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Breakfast juice

Posted: 14th Oct, 2014 by Dave Lee

An Australian study has shown that the regular consumption of fruit juice may have negative impacts on blood pressure. It has been suggested that even one glass per day contains excessive levels of sugar and could increase an individual’s risk of heart problems. Although more research is needed to support this study, this does reiterate […]

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Sweeteners are not so sweet

Posted: 1st Oct, 2014 by Dave Lee

Scientists believe that sweeteners found in diet drinks may actually increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Preliminary research suggests that artificial sweeteners may impact the body’s ability to process sugar and result in glucose intolerance. Weight gain could be due to an alteration of gut bacteria which means more energy is taken from food […]

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Dementia and contributing lifestyle factors

Posted: 25th Sep, 2014 by Amac

There is increased evidence that poor physical health is linked to a susceptibility towards suffering from dementia in later life. Diabetes has even been shown to increase an individual’s risk of dementia by up to 50%. Following a report commissioned by Alzheimer’s Disease International, it has been suggested that this evidence needs to be communicated […]

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TV Dinners

Posted: 23rd Sep, 2014 by Nicola

Health Advisors are suggesting that everyone should limit the amount of TV they watch as a preventive measure against obesity. When sitting down for long periods of time you are not only expending energy but you are more likely to be increasing your calorie intake too. People are more likely to snack on high calorie […]

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