Certificate in Personal Training (5050 Payment Plan)

£900.00 inc VAT

Personal training is an exciting, challenging and responsible career. Whether you work freelance or through a health club, you will need to be flexible, possess in-depth knowledge and have excellent communication skills. A personal trainer will assess a client’s levels, carry out health checks, perform lifestyle analysis and discuss needs and desires. You will design a personalised programme and motivate them as they progress.

Note: This is a face to face course with online learning.

You will pay the first payment £900 and the a second payment of £900 due at least 7 days before the course start date.


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20,21,22,23 February 2018 (Practical Assessment Date 2 March 2018) at YMCA, Maidstone, Kent, 16,17,18,19 April 2018 (Practical Assessment Date 27 April 2018) at YMCA, Maidstone, Kent, 9,10,16,17 June 2018 (Practical Assessment Date 30 June 2018) at YMCA, Maidstone, Kent, 23,24,25,26 July 2018 (Practical Assessment Date 30 July 2018) at YMCA, Maidstone, Kent, 8,9,10,11 October 2018 (Practical Assessment Date 18 October 2018) at YMCA, Maidstone, Kent, 26,27,28,29 November 2018 (Practical Assessment Date 10 December 2018) at YMCA, Maidstone, Kent