Tag games


Stuck in the Mud

  • Select one or two taggers
  • The taggers have to tag other students
  • Once caught, the student stands still with arms up at the sides
  • They can be freed by another student running under their outstretched arm


Hot Rice

  • Start as above
  • Once caught, the student stands still with feet apart
  • They can be freed by another student crawling under their legs
  • Variation: once caught, students roll themselves up into a ball
  • They can be freed by another student leap-frogging over them


Chain Tag

  • Start as above
  • When a student is tagged, they hold hands with the tagger and continue chasing
  • Chains of four students can be split into 2 chains of 2 students


Circle Tag

  • Arrange the students in a large circle so they are at least 10 feet away from the student next to them (you may want to outline a circle with cones)
  • When you say “GO”, they run as fast as possible in a clockwise direction, trying to tag the student in front without being tagged themselves


Tag Ball

  • Taggers hold foam balls and can only tag other students with the ball – they cannot throw it and they cannot tag a student’s head!!
  • You can use the foam ball with any of the tag games


Dodge Ball

  • The taggers try to tag the other students by throwing and hitting them with the foam ball BELOW THE KNEES


Skittle Tag

  • The class forms a circle with a skittle in the middle. They have one foam ball between them.
  • 2 students are chosen to defend the skittle in the middle
  • The rest of the class try to knock over the skittle using their hands or feet or with the foam ball
  • The 2 defenders can tag other students to eliminate them from attacking – the tagged student then goes to the side of the hall and performs a forfeit of your choice before rejoining the game
  • Choose new defenders when the skittle has been knocked down or they have caught the foam ball


Fire and Ice

  • Equipment: 2 red foam balls (representing fire), 3 blue foam balls (representing ice), CD player and music
  • 3 students are given blue balls, and 2 students are given red balls
  • All other students are ‘free’ and can run wherever they want
  • The game starts when the music is turned on
  • The ‘ice people’ (i.e. those with the blue balls) try to freeze the ‘free people’ by tagging them with the blue ball
  • When a ‘free person’ is tagged, they become frozen and must stand still with their hands on their head
  • The ‘fire people’ (i.e. those with red balls) can free a ‘frozen person’ by touching them with the ball
  • The ‘fire person’ then gives the red ball to the student they freed and they switch roles
  • The ‘ice people’ cannot freeze a ‘fire person’
  • The game ends when the music stops


Three Little Piggies

  • Equipment: 3 cones, 2 hula hoops
  • Place the hula-hoops at either end of the hall. One hoop represents the ‘wolf’s den, and the other represents ‘mother (or father) pig’
  • The 3 cones represent the straw, stick and brick houses that the pigs’ built – scatter them around the hall
  • The ‘big bad wolf’ stands in the middle of the hall; the mother (or father) pig stands in their hoop; and the rest of the class are split equally and go to their houses (i.e. they stand around their cone)
  • The ‘wolf’ then picks one of the three houses and says “Little pigs, little pigs, let me in”. To which the chosen ‘pigs’ reply “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin”
  • The ‘wolf’ then counts to 3, at which point the ‘pigs’ in the chosen house run to a new one while the ‘wolf’ attempts to tag them
  • Any ‘pig’ that is tagged must go to the ‘wolf’s den’
  • A ‘pig’ can only be released from the ‘wolf’s den’ if the ‘mother (or father) pig’ sneaks over to the den while the wolf is trying to tag, and brings one ‘pig’ only at a time
  • ‘Mother (or father) pig’ must return back to their hoop before they can rescue another ‘pig’ from the ‘wolf’s den’

games piggiesClick to enlarge

Tail Chase

  • All students tuck a bib/sock/etc into the back of their trousers
  • When a tagger grabs and removes a student’s tail, they join the taggers


Ball Tag Bulldog

  • Equipment: 200 plastic straws (or other small object), a tub to hold the straws, 3 or 4 foam balls, 4 to 8 mats
  • Scatter the mats out at random around the hall – these are ‘safe’ bases – and place the tub of straws at one end
  • Select 3 or 4 students to be the taggers – give each of them a foam ball
  • The rest of the students start at the end of the hall opposite the straws
  • On your signal, they attempt to run to the other side of the hall without being tagged, where they collect one straw
  • Once they have collected the straw they walk back to the other side – walking down the edges of the hall
  • Students may stand on a base (the mats) to prevent themselves from being tagged – only one student may stand on a mat at any one time. You might want to impose a time limit to keep them moving. Taggers cannot guard a base
  • The taggers tag another student by tapping them lightly with the foam ball – you might want to give specific target areas
  • If a student is tagged, they give their tagger one of their straws and they both swap places
  • When the game finishes, the students count up the number of their straws to see who has the most

games bulldogClick to enlarge

Everyone’s ‘IT’

  • Divide the hall into 2 areas and separate with cones
  • Every student is a tagger and tries to tag everyone else in area 1
  • When a student is tagged they move to area 2 and perform an exercise of your choice for a specified number of reps before rejoining the game
  • If 2 students tag each other at the same time, they both go to area 2 to perform the exercise
  • Change the exercise from time to time
  • Variation: in area 2, set out a number of different exercises with circuit cards – the students choose which exercise to do


Peg Tag

  • Give each student 5 pegs which they attach to the clothing in accessible and appropriate places
  • Each student tries to grab the pegs off of other students’ clothing (they can only grab one peg off one student at any one time)
  • When a student grabs a peg, they attach it to there own clothing and carry on


3 vs 1

  • Divide the class into groups of 4
  • 3 students grasp hands forming a closed chain, and the fourth student (the tagger) stands outside this closed chain
  • Designate one member of the chain, and then the tagger tries to tag that person
  • The chain twist, turn and spin to avoid the designated person being tagged


Ball Throw Tag

  • One student is the tagger and they hold the foam ball
  • The tagger can tag another student by throwing the ball and hitting them below the knees
  • The tagged student also becomes a tagger
  • The taggers can pass the ball between each other to try and tag someone else


Tag Ball

  • Divide the class into 2 teams – the runners and the fielders
  • The fielders scatter in the playing area with one of them holding a foam ball, while the runners stand outside the playing area
  • Only one runner is allowed in the playing area at any one time
  • The fielders must pass the ball around and try to corner the runner and tag them with the ball – they cannot throw the ball and must hold it with both hands
  • A fielder with the ball cannot move off the spot – fielders without the ball can run
  • When the runner is tagged, they leave the playing area and another runner enters