Circle games


Wandering Ball

  • Divide the class into groups of 5 and give each group 1 foam ball
  • One of the students stands in the middle while the others circle them and pass the ball from one to the other
  • The student in the middle tries to intercept or catch the ball
  • When caught/intercepted, the student who last threw the ball enters the middle


Running Circle Dodge Ball

  • Students run around in a large circle, with a few students in the centre
  • The students running in the circle try to hit those in the middle with the foam ball BELOW THE KNEES
  • If a student successfully hits another, then they exchange places
  • You may want to change their direction or mode of travelling by command
  • To make harder, introduce more foam balls


Team Circle Dodge Ball

  • Divide the class into 2 teams
  • One team forms a circle around the other team and begins running in a clockwise direction – give them a foam ball
  • The running team try to hit the team in the middle of the circle with the foam ball BELOW THE KNEES
  • When a student is hit they must join the running team or leave the game and perform a forfeit


Ball Races

  • Students stand in a circle
  • Pass a foam ball to 2 students on opposite sides of the circle
  • Those 2 students run around the circle in a clockwise direction returning to their starting position
  • As soon as they return to their original place, they pass the ball to anyone in the circle
  • As soon as they receive the ball, they run around the circle, return and pass


Duck, Duck, Goose

  • All students sit in a circle
  • Pick one student to walk around the outside of the circle
  • As they walk around, they tap each student in turn as they pass and say “DUCK”
  • When they tap a student on the shoulder and say “GOOSE”, that student immediately stands up and races the ‘tapper’ back to the space
  • The winner is the one who sits in the space first, the loser continues walking around the circle


Washing Line

  • All children sit in a circle
  • You call out an item of clothing and a colour, such as red t-shirt
  • All students wearing what you have called out, stands up and runs around the circle returning to their original position


Beat the Ball

  • Children stand in a circle
  • Throw a foam ball to one of the students
  • They pass the ball to the person on their left and then run around the outside of the circle in a clockwise direction, as the ball is passed from person to person around the circle
  • The aim is for the ‘runner’ to get back to their original position before the ball gets there
  • If they get there before the ball does, the student holding the ball becomes the next ‘runner’
  • If the ball gets back first, the ‘runner’ passes the ball to another student in the circle