What are webinars?

Amac’s webinars are online teaching sessions covering topics relating to L2 and L3 Anatomy and Physiology. They are hosted by Dave Amac’s Education and Training Director.

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  • Exclusive to Amac’s students
  • Pick and choose sessions to suit you
  • Reinforce your independent studies
  • Prepare for your theory exams
  • Compatible with most computers and android devices
  • Face-to-face learning from the comfort of your home
  • Interactive seminar format
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Excellent revision tool

Why should I attend?

Students are encouraged to attend webinars at any point in their learning journey. Dave breaks down the A+P units into manageable sections and this helps you focus your studies. Even if you are a bit shy you will find the webinars beneficial and get the opportunity to ask questions.

What should I expect?

Dave covers topics relating to both L2 and L3 theory units in an informal virtual seminar. The duration varies depending on the topics covered and number of participants. You should plan to attend the full session and he will suggest when you should exit the meeting, if applicable. Please bear in mind the ‘end time’ is a guide only. Usually you will be asked to identify any specific topic areas that you are requiring help on and let the tutor know in advance.

Do I have to attend all the webinars?

Unless otherwise instructed, you can choose which webinars you attend. Webinars run on a rotation basis and, as you do not have to complete the A+P topics in any specific order, you can join webinars at any point in the cycle. Please remember booking is essential as spaces are limited and we operate a first come, first serve policy.

Upcoming webinars:

  • Please contact the office for more details

How do I book my theory exams?

Choose the venue and date to suit you.

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