Student Insight: Getting your Fitness Qualifications

Andrea UnderhillAndrea Underhill has achieved numerous qualifications with Amac and remains committed to upskilling further. She has kindly provided insight into her learning experience, sources of support and why she thinks being a bit crazy makes you a good Personal Trainer.

I have been ‘into’ exercise for over ten years ever since my husband introduced me to the gym. I had quit smoking, was determined to be healthier and he was a keen rugby player and a good source of encouragement. After about eight months I got a bit obsessed with the gym/classes and went almost every day. I work full-time for a financial services company but people were always telling me I’d be a good instructor so I decided to take up a new hobby. When I looked into different fitness training providers Amac were definitely the most flexible to my needs and they ran courses in my next-door town.

I started off with a Gym Instructor course through Amac, then moved onto Exercise to Music, Personal Training, Indoor Cycling and Combat Fitness. One of the most memorable moments on course was when I got partnered with Kris (Amac’s Student Mentor). I was nervous and thought “this guy could throw me around like a rag” but it turned out to be an advantage as I got additional one-to-one coaching. Although he is a hard trainer who always pushes you he’s really encouraging, patient and motivating. People sometimes wrongly assume you just need to be physically fit to be a personal trainer but patience and understanding are just as crucial. You have to have a passion for fitness and desire to help people achieve their best. You have to have a passion for fitness and desire to help people achieve their best.

I definitely think keeping exercise fun is a real skill and a bit of craziness keeps clients smiling and motivated, even when it hurts. People definitely think I’m a bit crazy because I continue to work full-time alongside teaching seven classes a week and training six times a week. Until there are eight days in a week and 30 hours in a day I will not be able to take on any more PT clients but there are further courses I wish to complete including Ropes and HIIT. I hope fitness and teaching is something I am able to do for a long time into my future alongside starting a family.

I’ve met some amazing people and made some very loyal friends and Amac have played quite a big part in that journey. To anyone considering working in the fitness industry I encourage you to speak to someone at Amac. They are very friendly as well as being knowledgeable and will support you all they can the whole way. Just as your clients need your encouragement, don’t underestimate how the support of others can help you achieve your goals. I have a fantastic instructor and friend who was, and still is, a big inspiration to me. She has supported me so much over the years, especially when I was training, I owe a lot of where I am now to her. Also to my husband, who has been a good influence as well as a good guinea-pig!

Completing my fitness qualifications was one of the best choices I have made in my life and I view them as some of my biggest achievements. There’s no denying that there’s been a couple of times where I’ve wanted to throw the towel in, but you get through the rough patches and see the results at the end. I can assure you hard work pays off and it’s an amazing feeling. Good luck to anyone currently studying; if I can do it, you can do it!

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