Student Insight: Fitness Qualifications and Beyond

P1120006Martina Chiccoli contacted Amac after a bad experience with another fitness training provider; unfortunately, it was a story we had heard before. Read how she overcame disappointment and went on to obtain her gym instructor, personal trainer and PROfusion qualifications with Amac, and has now tailored her own career to ensure she is doing what she loves.

I was volunteering for a Basketball Club when I started to think about how I could help people in my local community overcome barriers to being healthier and happier. After hours spent deciding on a plan, I found information about PT courses and concluded that getting qualified and recognised as a fitness professional would be perfect for me.

My first experience trying to achieve my fitness qualifications was a complete flop as the training provider was not very professional, at least in my opinion. I was hesitant about starting over again but Amac were so much more organised that I felt confident straight away. It became apparent very quickly that Amac were actually listening to me, that they understood my needs and were offering me a solution rather than just trying to ‘sell’ their services.

When I went on to attend my face-to-face training sessions the Amac Tutors proved themselves to be excellent role models. They really practise what they preach while encouraging their students to crave knowledge. I could feel they had genuine passion for their job and were happy to answer our questions, even if they were slightly off-syllabus at times. Amac’s Tutors instilled in us the knowledge and the tools to overcome common career barriers and pitfalls, which I found of great help once I completed the course. One Tutor in particular sticks in my mind as being especially enthusiastic and humble, and I only found out by chance that it was David Lee (the Director and co-founder of Amac!)

Also, I can’t stress enough how much I valued my classmates during my courses with Amac. They broadened my knowledge through sharing their own learning experiences, and were a great sounding board for ideas. I’m still friends with some of them now, and it’s great to hear about what they’re doing and how their careers have progressed.

Since gaining my fitness qualifications I have co-founded a not-for-profit sports organisation. We aim to educate teenagers about sports, and deliver sports projects to improve the health of deprived communities in West London. I also work independently as an exercise referral instructor as part of a weight management scheme. What makes me happy is helping others improve their lives, this is the foundation of my career and I know it is what drives me to succeed. Read more about 0-10 Community.

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Dave Lee

Dave Lee

Dave Lee is the co-founder of Amac, he continues to write and produce all our courses and you might even find him teaching you.

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