Get 40% off all Amac fitness courses

Get discount on Personal trainer course
Get 40% off any Amac fitness training course booked between 22nd July and midnight 10th August 2015. This discount is only applicable to courses starting in 2015 paid for in full at the time of booking using the code SUMMER40. Courses must be purchased individually, the PT career package is excluded from this offer as is the Chair-based Exercise Course and AllActive Range. Please note spaces are limited. We operate a first come, first serve policy.

Discounted Prices

To get the discounted price you must enter the SUMMER40 discount code at the checkout.

Certificate in Gym Instructing– Was £750, now £450!
Certificate in Personal Training– Was £1800, now £1080!
Diploma in Personal Training (inc. Gym)– Was £2500, now £1500!
Diploma in Exercise Referral– Was £800, now £480!
Older Adult Instructor– Was £320, now £192!
Ante Natal and Post Natal Instructor– Was £320, now £192!
Obesity and Diabetes Specialist Instructor– Was £900, now £540!
PROfusion High Intensity Interval Training– Was £120, now £72!
PROfusion Combat Fitness– Was £120, now £72!
PROfusion Kettlebell Training– Was £120, now £72!
PROfusion Indoor Cycling– Was £120, now £72!
PROfusion RopesTraining– Was £90, now £54!
PROfusion Sandbag Training (includes sandbag)– Was £160, now £96!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to become a Personal Trainer but don’t know whether I should opt for the Personal Trainer Diploma or Personal Trainer Certificate?

If you already have your L2 Gym qualification you can enrol straight onto the L3 Certificate in Personal Training. If you have no existing fitness qualification you can enrol on Amac’s Diploma in Personal Training Qualification and get you Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer qualifications together.

Is Amac’s PT Diploma a full time course?

Amac’s PT Diploma can be studied full time through face-to-face training sessions and online learning materials. Some of our students complete this qualification in 6 weeks. Alternatively you can study part-time and will have a maximum of six months to complete the Diploma in Personal Training. We run weekend course dates too. The choice is yours. Regardless of which route you take our Student Mentor will be there to support you along the way.

Can I get 40% off the PT Career Package?

Amac’s PT Career Package is excluded from the 40% offer. However, you are more than welcome to book the Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and PROfusion courses individually and utilise the half price offer. If you want to book the Personal Trainer Career Package and get the annual REPs membership and NUS Extra card there are a variety of payment options available including the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan which are still a great option, especially if you are not in a financial position to make a large upfront payment.

What are PROfusion courses?

Amac run a series of short courses called the PROfusion Range which includes; Rope Training, Sandbag Training, Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell training, Combat fitness and High Intensity Interval Training. Course prices vary depending on course but are an absolute bargain as part of this offer. You must already hold a L2 qualification in either Gym Instructing or Exercise to Music to complete a PROfusion course. They enable you to add variety to your sessions and are a great way to gain REPs points.

Why is the PROfusion Sandbag course more expensive than the other CPD courses?

We have factored in the cost of your equipment in the price of our PROfusion Sandbag Training course. You will get a Sklz Super Sandbag Heavy Duty Training Bag, which comes with four 10-pound weight bags prior to the training day. You will then be able to keep the sandbag to use in your own drills or exercises with clients in the future.

If you have any queries on this offer please contact a member of the Amac team on 01227 831840 or email us and we’ll be happy to help.