Study to be a PT, start now for free!

Amac have ditched the deposit and increased the amazing value of our Personal Trainer Career Package. We are always looking for new ways to help our students overcome the barriers to accessing fitness qualifications whilst retaining high quality course provision and service. We now have a unique opportunity to offer 24+ Advanced Learning Loans with no upfront deposit payment on our PT Career Package and Diploma in Personal Training (includes Gym Instructor).

It is commonplace for fitness training providers to charge a fee to enrol on their courses, regardless of the chosen financing option and Amac has been no exception. We have referred to this as a ‘deposit’ but it might be called a booking fee or an administration charge by other providers. From the fitness training provider’s perspective, there is an element of risk when students book onto a course; if individuals don’t show up on the day, regardless of the reason, there are costs. Sometimes this means a student will not have a partner to work with, or another person might have been refused a space on the course as numbers were at capacity.

Amac understand that education can be expensive and the fitness industry is not exempt. Although finance options or funding are available, most fitness training providers charge between £100 and £200 to secure their bookings. Paying to enrol on a course can be unaffordable, especially if you are unemployed.
After taking further consideration of our student’s needs, Amac are currently trialling a zero payment booking option on our PT Career Package and our PT Diploma when either are booked using a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. The usual terms and conditions apply to accessing the loan.

Getting a loan doesn’t depend on your household income and there’s no credit check. Read more about the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan.

For NO UPFRONT PAYMENT you can get Amac’s PT Career Package on an Advanced Learning Loan. You would get;
1. L3 Diploma in Personal Training (includes Gym Instructor) which qualifies you to work one-to-one with clients in or out of a gym environment.
2. Your choice of three courses from Amac’s PROfusion Range so you will be able to lead studio sessions such as indoor cycling as well as use diverse training methods such as combat skills.
3. One year’s membership to the Register of Exercise Professionals (essential for getting your insurance as a PT) and one year’s NUS Extra Membership membership (student discount card).

We will send you what you need to apply for a government backed Loan of £2550 and this amount will ONLY be repayable once you are earning over £21, 000 per year. Even then repayments will be based on your earnings and can be as little as £7 per month.

This really is the most cost-effective way to kick-start your career in the fitness industry.

If you wanted to you could opt just to book the PT Diploma with this payment option too (but you’d miss out on the freebies). If you do not qualify for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan we do offer other payment options which could be adapted to suit your needs. Please get in contact with us directly to see how we can help you.