Brompton Barracks

Tony Richardson – WO2 Head of Physical training

What is your role at Brompton Barracks?

I am Tony Richardson – WO2 Head of Physical training for over 1000 Soldier stationed at Chatham, I managed all the fitness facilities within the station, and I have 14 staff who are all qualified PTI’s working under my command.  Our services include, PT, Sport, Adventurous training, and Health.  All of which me and my staff specialise in.

Why did you choose Amac?

One of my staff was given the task to find a suitable company who can deliver the indoor cycling course, he searched on the internet then read some reviews, his choice met my recommendation.

Why did you choose Group Indoor Cycling training – what does organisation want to achieve?

My staff are all level 3 PTI’s with a multiple of fitness qualifications, we currently conduct 2 x sessions each week for all members of the station, both military and civilian the qualification is important for my staff to be able to deliver the lessons correctly and legally.

How will staff utilise the qualification?

Every Tue & Thu as a minimum but the physical training program will also conduct spinning for the soldiers.

What did you think of the course delivery?

The course was delivered excellently and to the correct level, our instructors are knowledgeable in the PT field however your tutor was confident and delivered a grade A service.

December 2017