Hello from Dave!

Dave Lee

For over 30 years Dave has had an active interest in all aspects of sports and fitness coaching. Dave began working with special populations early in his career through his involvement with GP Referral schemes in London. He has also continually studied, be it for professional, vocational or academic qualifications. Dave holds a BSc in Psychology from Goldsmiths, a PGCE from Greenwich University, an MSc in Sports Coaching from Brunel University, an MA (Ed) from the Open University, to name just a few.

In 2000, Dave started lecturing in sports and fitness for various FE colleges and Universities from entry-level vocational qualifications to degree programmes. Whilst teaching in central London, he also worked with disabled groups, managed a gym, and trained some coaches from a Premier League football club. Dave co-founded Amac in 2000 and has played a key role in the development and quality of provision ever since.

As well as his role as Education and Training Director at Amac, Dave has worked in numerous capacities with many leading awarding bodies. As an external verifier and moderator he was responsible for ensuring school and colleges met the National Standards, and supporting them when they did not. He was also commissioned by one awarding body to produce tutor packs for their qualifications.

Dave worked for several years with the Open University as an associate lecturer and author for some of the material in their study guide for their sports and fitness degree. His writing focused on special populations such as those with cardio-pulmonary diseases and working with children. He also reviewed course material on older adults, diabetes, and anatomy and physiology.

Dave continues to develop Amac courses ensuring that they meet the high standards set by National Standards and awarding organisations. He is involved with every aspect of course provision from implementing, monitoring and reviewing strategy to producing learning resources and internal quality assurance. Over the years, he has created dozens of courses which have gained endorsement.

He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education, and has a particular interest interest in critical and dialogic pedagogies. Other research interests include critical thinking/reflection/reflexivity and metacognition.