Gym Instructor Job Profile

Gym Instructor Career Profile

Role and Responsibilities

  • Supervise customers using the facilities
  • Demonstrate the correct use of equipment
  • Ensure exercise is being carried out safely and effectively
  • Potential to conduct group exercise classes
  • Ensure facilities are clean and safe
  • Develop personal exercise and diet plans

Hours and Environment

  • Full-time fitness instructors normally work 38-40 hours a week, often on a shift and rota basis to cover early mornings, evenings and weekends
  • Many people work part-time or on a freelance basis
  • Gym Instructors might work in gyms, leisure centres, cruise ships, holiday resorts and/or hotels

Key Skills and Interests

  • Be good at communicating with others
  • Have an outgoing and approachable personality
  • Have patience and tact
  • Be able to motivate and enthuse people
  • Be able to work with people from varied backgrounds
  • Have a responsible attitude towards health and safety
  • Understand the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet

Getting Employed

  • To be employed as a qualified instructor and obtain public liability insurance you must be aged 18 or over
  • You must have a recognised L2 qualification in order gain entry onto CIMSPA

Income Guide

  • Fitness instructors may start on a salary of around £12,000 with experienced personal trainers earning around £30,000

Industry Overview

  • Gyms and fitness centres are located all over the UK, in both urban and rural areas
  • There has been a big increase in leisure facilities in recent years, leading to an increased demand for instructors, but there is still strong competition for jobs

Day in the Life of a Gym Instructor

This is a guide only, and tasks will vary with different employers.

  • Visual inspection/safety check of facilities and equipment
  • Clean and tidy
  • Cover gym reception
  • Walk the gym floor – talk to gym members, help them as necessary
  • Take gym inductions and write basic exercise programmes
  • Contact gym members to check on progress
  • Carry out fitness testing/physical measurements
  • Update gym members’ programmes
  • Give basic advice on diet to gym members
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