Teaching Studio Classes Job Profile

Teaching Classes Job Profile

Role and Responsibilities

    • Planning, instructing and evaluating exercise to music sessions

Potentially including aerobics, step, body conditioning and circuit training exercises

Motivate class members to regularly attend group exercise classes

Hours and Environment

  • The hours can be flexible depending on the amount of work and classes you want to take on. You may be working out of leisure centre or from village halls, community centres, or other venues.

Key Skills and Interests

  • Be good at communicating with others
  • Have an outgoing and approachable personality
  • Have patience and tact
  • Be able to motivate and enthuse people
  • Have good personal fitness levels

Getting Employed

  • To be employed as a qualified instructor and obtain public liability insurance you must be aged 18 or over
  • You must have a recognised L2 qualification in order gain entry to CIMSPA.

Income Guide

  • Fitness instructors may start on a salary of around £12,000 but can be over £20, 000 per year. Freelance Instructors can earn £10-£20 per hour.

Industry Overview

  • Gyms and fitness centres are located all over the UK, in both urban and rural areas
  • There has been a big increase in leisure facilities in recent years, leading to an increased demand for instructors, but there is still strong competition for jobs


  • Instructors are often self-employed and promote themselves as businesses. Others may work in settings such as health clubs owned by large chains, in spas, resorts, on cruise ships and for large companies providing workplace fitness facilities.
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