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Exercise is ‘1.5 times more effective than counselling or medication’ in treating depression and anxiety

Posted: 28th Nov, 2023 by Dave Lee

If you are feeling depressed or anxious, you might want to consider adding some physical activity to your daily routine. Sports Management magazine recently featured a research study by the University of South Australia, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which has found that exercise is 1.5 times more effective than counselling or […]

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Using social media to retain personal training clients

Posted: 14th Feb, 2023 by Dave Lee

In my last post, I discussed using social media to recruit new clients. This post follows on, looking instead at how to use social media for retaining (keeping) clients. Retaining clients as a personal trainer is essential for growing and maintaining a successful business. Social media can be a powerful tool for keeping in touch […]

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Attracting clients for gym-based PTs

Posted: 16th Jan, 2023 by Dave Lee

Attracting clients for gym-based PTs One question I frequently get asked is how gym-based personal trainers can attract more clients. Below I have compiled a list of a few possible strategies. The key is to be proactive, approachable, and make it easy for potential clients to learn more about your services and how you can […]

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The ‘cost of living crisis’ is damaging our health

Posted: 11th Nov, 2022 by Dave Lee

The ‘cost of living crisis’ is damaging our health Our health and wellbeing is influenced by many different factors, ranging from our education and employment to housing and our community. Some of these factors, known as health determinants, are partly explained by our genetic makeup or how accessible local health facilities and programmes are to […]

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The importance of theory to professional practice

Posted: 16th Oct, 2021 by Dave Lee

The importance of theory to professional practice One thing I always try to emphasise when teaching is the importance of theory. For example, as a fitness professional, you need to know how an exercise or mode of training will impact on your client’s body. You need to know this to make your training safe, relevant, […]

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Certified by Active IQ logo

Posted: 17th Jun, 2021 by Liz Lee

We are pleased to announce the creation of an ‘Active IQ Certified’ logo for our students when they become qualified. It can be used on LinkedIn and other social media channels, dropped under an email signature and used on a website. Active IQ have created this logo in direct response to requests from students to […]

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The Marmot Review 10 years on – are health inequalities being resolved?

Posted: 28th Feb, 2020 by Dave Lee

This month, Marmot and colleagues published ‘Marmot Review 10 Years On’, looking at the health inequalities identified in their original review in 2010. Health inequalities refer to the differences between people due to social, geographical, biological or other factors. Some differences, such as ethnicity, gender or age, may be fixed; whereas others are caused by […]

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