Exercise Referral Instructor

Course Dates
23 & 24 June 2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Practical Assessment Date

Amac, Canterbury

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Full Cost

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Deposit – Full Cost payment plan.
Payment plan initial deposit payment with x3 £200 further monthly payments.

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Part Funded.
Full payment for those 19-23 years.

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Deposit – Part Funded payment plan.
Part Funded deposit for those 19-23 years with x3 £66.67 further payments.

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Refundable Deposit – Fully Funded.
Fully Funded refundable deposit for those 19-23 years, unemployed and receiving a state benefit.

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Advanced Learning Loan Refundable Deposit.
Refunded upon the completion of the qualification. Offer letter forwarded to you so you can apply for a loan of £625.

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