Certificate in Fitness Instructing – Exercise to Music

Exercise to Music

This is an industry recognised qualification that allows the holder to work as an exercise to music (aerobics) instructor and gain entry at Level 2 onto the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). If you want to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a fitness instructor running group exercise sessions, then this qualification is for you.

Aerobics instructors lead classes giving participants a fun and interesting way of working out. You can teach classes at health clubs or be self-employed running your own classes in your local community.

Quick Overview

Divided into theory units and practical units (see full details below).
Around four months to achieve the qualification- but you can complete much quicker than this as theory work is studied for independently. However, there is the option to attend a free-of-charge Theory Revision Day  in Canterbury, Kent which will be followed the the exams at the end of the day.

This Exercise to Music Instructor course is offered as entirely elearning with 1 day attendance for theory exams.

Course Content

  • Anatomy and physiology including the cardio-respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, postural and core stability, and the nervous and energy systems and their relation to exercise
  • How to maintain health, safety and welfare in a variety of fitness environments, including the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults
  • How to programme safe and effective exercise for a range of clients, the health benefits of physical activity and the importance of healthy eating
  • How to communicate with clients effectively, and motivate clients to adhere to an exercise programme
  • The skills and knowledge required to plan and prepare a group exercise to music session with apparently healthy adults. This may include young people in the 14-16 age range, provided they are part of a larger adult group. Client groups also covered are older adults, ante and postnatal clients and disabled clients provided the relevant contraindications and key safety guidelines are observed

Course Details

  • Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Entry requirements: Over 18, regularly attending group exercise classes

Note for those taking the purely eLearning course that it is advisable that you are regularly attending ETM classes alongside your studies.       

Unit Topic Method Assessment
1 Anatomy and physiology for exercise Multiple-choice test (attendance required) Online learning
2 Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment Worksheet Online learning
3 Principles of health, fitness and exercise Multiple-choice test (attendance required) Online learning
4 Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity Worksheet Online learning
5 Planning group exercise to music sessions Session plan eLearning
6 Instructing group exercise to music sessions Practical assessment video submission eLearning
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