Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity

Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity

This qualification allows the holder to offer nutritional and dietary advice to clients and to apply nutritional principles to help support their goals as part of an exercise programme.

The aim of this qualification is to equip you with the necessary underpinning knowledge and practical skills needed to plan a safe and effective nutrition plan to be used in conjunction with a client’s exercise programme.

Please note:

As part of our response to the current situation, we have cancelled all face-to-face exams. You will be able to take your non-invigilated theory exam from home. We envisage this to be the situation for the coming months.

The nutrition exam will be taken on a platform, Cirrus, which is easily accessible online and no special equipment is needed. You will be able to try out the platform by taking mock exam prior to the ‘live’ exam. You can advise when you are ready to take the exam, and this will be scheduled for your chosen date. If you need to have another go at the exam, this is not a problem, and can be rescheduled for you, free-of-charge.

The worksheet/case study for this qualification can be submitted via email.

There is no attendance required.

Course Content

  • How to apply the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme
  • How to collect, analyse and use nutritional information
  • The principles of nutritional goal setting with clients
  • How to provide nutritional advice in line with nationally recommended best practice

Course Details

  • Active IQ Level 3 Unit Certificate: Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme
  • Entry requirements: Over 16


Unit Topic Method Assessment
Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme
Independent learning manuals, online Theory Revision Days Multiple choice exam 90 mins to attend

No course dates.

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