This online course the basics of what you need to know to enhance your own teaching. Feedback is an essential tool in any personal trainer’s toolkit to help improve clients’ performance outcomes and motivation. Effective feedback can motivate and reward clients and improve exercise performance – systematic learning of skills is impossible without it. It allows us to compare and contrast our exercise performance with the ‘model’ performance, perceive errors and make the necessary adjustments.

Course Content

  • Providing feedback
  • Information to correct mistakes with performance
  • Reinforcement to strengthen correct performance
  • Motivation for skill learning
  • What does good feedback look like

Course Details

  • Amac Certificate in Personal Trainer Giving Feedback
  • Entry requirements: Over 16 + Level 2 Fitness Instructor




  • Online multiple-choice test
  • Online access will be provided for 1 year, this will allow you time to complete the test online after you have studied the content and download the certificate

Online Course

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