Combat Fitness

If you would like to learn how to use kickboxing techniques, equipment (such as focus mitts, kickshields and Thai shields) and drills within your current classes or personal training, or run a session completely devoted to combat fitness, then this course will enable you to do so.

Kickboxing training tools and methods add variety and enjoyment to any session, as well as being a very effective means of training. You will learn how to implement combat games and drills into a traditional circuit layout or bootcamp session, allowing you to run a combat circuit class, or spice up your fitness circuit to keep your clients coming back for more. We also look at how different kickboxing techniques and combinations can be performed working to the beat and phrase of music.

Please note:

As part of our response to the current situation, we have decided to change this Profusion course to an eLearning format. This course will soon be available to book.

The online course will include a comprehensive range of combat fitness techniques and exercises, utilising a wide range of equipment, each with instructions, photographs, and videos. To gain the certificate, you will need to submit a short video showing you teaching a few techniques and combinations to a partner. You will not require equipment for this assessment video.

You will also be able to purchase a hard-copy manual to accompany this new online course.

Course Content

  • Punching and kicking techniques
  • Combining techniques to make combinations
  • Performing combinations to music
  • How to use focus mitts, kickshields and Thai shields
  • Health and safety
  • Games and drills
  • Structuring a group session
  • Working with individuals

Course Details

  • Amac Certificate in Combat Fitness Instructing
  • Endorsed by Active IQ and CIMSPA
  • Entry requirements: Over 16 +Level 2 Fitness Instructor




Attendance course is 09:30 – 16:00

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