This is an exaggerated curve of the lumbar vertebrae. It is common in individuals with poor postural control and high levels of lower body adiposity (i.e. fat around the mid-riff). Pregnant women are often temporary sufferers of lordosis. It places considerable strain on the anterior ligaments of the spine and on the intervertebral discs.


  • Increased lordotic curve
  • Pelvis tilts forward
  • Hip flexor and erector spinae short
  • Gluteals lengthened
  • Rectus abdominis and deeper abdominal muscles lengthened and possible weaker


  • Mobilise spine more into flexion position
  • Mobilise spine and emphasise posterior tilt
  • Lengthen and stretch the hip flexor and erector spinae
  • Strengthen and shorten the gluteals
  • Strengthen and shorten the rectus abdominis and deeper abdominal muscles


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