Normal standing posture

  • Stand with feet hip width apart
  • Feet parallel
  • Distribute weight between heel bone, big toe and little toe (three-point weight distribution)
  • Spread toes
  • Align second toe with knee and hip
  • Find ‘neutral pelvis’ position (pubic bone and hip bones aligned)
  • Tighten the stomach muscles by pulling the navel inwards towards the spine and upwards (abdominal hollowing)
  • Lengthen torso and neck
  • Keep a space between the ribs and the hips, without splaying the ribs forwards
  • Look forwards, keeping the chin parallel to the floor
  • Keep shoulders relaxed and down
  • Shoulder blades slide down towards glutes
  • Hands placed by the side, palms facing the body, middle finger in line with the seam of the trousers
  • Aim for ‘plumb-line’ (observing from the side), with ear, centre shoulder, hip, knee and ankle in line
  • Breathe comfortably throughout

normal posture

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