Relapse Prevention Model – have a go!

Use the Relapse Prevention Model for this question. Write a brief ‘game plan’ for the following scenario:

Dave is 35 years old, married with two children and works very long hours. He used to exercise all the time when he was a university student and participated in many different sports. However, he now only exercises now-and-again due to what he sees as a lack of time and effort. His current infrequent exercising is not enough to accrue any health or fitness benefits.

His main barriers appear to be a lack of time due to work and family commitments (although he does find time to sit down and watch 3 or 4 hours of TV every night, and go out socialising 2 or 3 times a week); a lack of energy and self-motivation (once he gets home from work, he can’t be bothered to go out again); lack of local facilities (the nearest gym is 25 minutes drive away, although there is a gym 10 minutes walk from where he works); and lack of support (his wife thinks it is a waste of time).

Dave would love to start exercising again, but feels that the temptation to do anything other than exercise is too great.

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