Transtheoretical Model – have a go!

For each of the following, decide which stage of change they fall into:

  1. Robert has been going to the gym for over a year now. He participates in both muscular strength and endurance and aerobic work for three sessions a week.
  2. Elizabeth has been thinking about giving up smoking after a particularly bad asthma attack. She is still undecided, however, as she has been smoking for over fifteen years and fears it will be a hard habit to break.
  3. Ian, after suffering a heart attack, has been sent into phase IV cardiac rehab and strongly advised to eat healthily, participate in some form of physical activity and cut down on his drinking. He resents being told what to do, however, and feels that the doctors are trying to take control of his life. He does not see why he should be made to change a lifestyle that he enjoys.
  4. Gary has been forced into attending personal training by his girlfriend because she thinks he is too overweight. He makes it quite clear to the personal trainer that he is only there because his girlfriend forced him, and that he has no intention of putting in any effort or making any changes.
  5. Steve chats to a fitness instructor at his gym about how to improve his diet. Although he has made a few healthy changes recently, they are not enough to really make that much of a difference overall. He wants the fitness instructor to help him design a nutrition plan that he can start implementing as soon as possible.
  6. Rebecca attended her first aqua class last week, and has since attended four classes.
  7. Sarah wants to improve her fitness as she is worried about her health, but she does not know how to go about it and is anxious about her weight and appearance, and does not want to go a gym or attend exercise classes.
  8. Adrian has been told by his doctor that he needs to lose weight. He is keen to do so, but is reluctant to give up the ‘junk foods’ he adores, and feels that it would be extremely hard to cut down on his drinking without going out with his friends.
  9. Rachel has been referred by her doctor to an exercise referral scheme because she is obese. She has been on many diets before and has seen her weight fluctuate wildly – initially going down, but then increasing back up (often above the weight she started the diet on). This ‘yo-yo’ dieting has been going on for a few years now, without success. She now feels resigned to the fact that she will always be fat and feels extremely overwhelmed by the effort needed. She is not keen on taking up exercise either.
  10. Matt has attended the initial consultation with his new personal trainer after many years of leading a sedentary lifestyle.
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