Processes of change – have a go!

Read the following descriptions and decide which cognitive process/catalyst for change they represent and which stage of change the person appears to be in. The five cognitive processes are: Consciousness raising, Dramatic relief, Environmental re-evaluation, Social liberation, Self re-evaluation.

  1. Chloe reads a magazine article on the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle, whilst outlining the physical activity levels necessary to improve health. Although she considers herself to have a healthy diet, she was unaware that her complete lack of physical activity might be detrimental to her health.
  2. Twenty-year-old Mike is embarrassed by his ‘pot-belly’ and unhealthy appearance. His two best friends are regular gym-goers and have good physiques. Mike is fed-up feeling like he looks second best to his friends and feels his confidence is starting to suffer as a result.
  3. Ben feels ashamed when his son says he is too embarrassed to play with him in the school’s ‘father and son football event’. His son claims Ben is too fat and unfit to play; and although he loves football, his son would rather not play than take his dad, Ben.
  4. Mark is 45 years old and worries about being obese. He is anxious that his sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, excessive drinking and smoking are going to result in a heart attack. One of his best friends recently died from one, and he fears the same is going to happen to him.
  5. A gym opens up very close to where Kendal lives, offering a months free trial membership. Although being more physically active has always been in the back of her mind, she has never really adopted an active lifestyle. Now there is a gym on her doorstep, she is seriously considering joining.

Read the following descriptions and decide which behavioural process/catalyst for change they represent. The five behavioural processes are: Stimulus control, Helping relationships, Counter conditioning, Reinforcement management, Self liberation.

  1. Gillian makes a New Year’s Resolution to get a personal trainer and lose weight when she finds she cannot get into a dress she wore to a Christmas party last year.
  2. Mandy has found that attending exercise classes or the gym with her best friend has led to them both training regularly three months after starting. Whereas in the past, she had a habit of joining gyms, training for a couple of weeks, and then disappearing.
  3. Carrie puts aside £20 every time her fat percentage drops by half a percent. By the time she reaches her target fat percentage she will be able to pay for a holiday, where she wants to show off her ‘new’ body on the beach.
  4. Jo is trying to give up smoking. She finds it helps to avoid going to dinner parties at friends’ houses where everyone is smoking. She replaces this with meeting her friends in restaurants where they cannot smoke.
  5. Paul was trying to cut out chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and other junk food from his diet in order to control his expanding waistline. Whenever he had the urge to consume these, he would eat a piece of fruit or drink a glass of water instead.
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