Theory of Reasoned Action – have a go!

Using the Theory of Reasoned Action, state whether you think the following are likely to increase physical activity/exercise levels. Give reasons why you have come to your decision.

  1. Colin believes exercise is a good thing to do. He knows that it can make him feel better and improve his health and fitness, which he would like. His friends, however, do not view exercise in the same way, and Colin likes to fit in with them.
  2. Mark, 65, is set in his ways now. He has never exercised in his life, and does not see why he should start now. None of his family or friends exercise and he does value their opinion.
  3. Danny personally does not see the value of exercise and considers it to be a waste of time, effort and money going to the gym. His girlfriend, however, really wants to go and is exerting pressure on Danny to come with her. He likes to please her.

Jerry intends to start exercising at the weekend, which is four days away. He is living with his partner and has two children. He works long hours and is going out with his friends this Friday night. He is not sure what type of exercise he will do at the weekend, but he is thinking about buying some home fitness equipment. Do you think Jerry’s intention to exercise this weekend will actually happen? Give your reasons.

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