Theory of Planned Behaviour – have a go!

Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour, state whether you think the following are likely to increase physical activity/exercise levels. Give reasons why you have come to your decisions.

  1. Mandy thinks exercise is a good idea and can make her fitter, healthier and feel better about herself. Her family all think it is great as well, and Mandy values their opinion. Mandy, however, is quite shy and does not think she would be able to keep up in aerobics classes and would make a fool of herself (the gym does not interest her, and she is particularly interested in group exercise classes).
  2. Sam wants to exercise as she believes it could make her feel better about the way she looks. Her husband says she is daft to want to waste all that time and money on exercise, which he considers pointless anyway. She normally does what her husband tells her. She would love to go to the gym or start an exercise class anyway, but thinks that because she is overweight and feels unattractive, she would not fit in. She does not think she would be much good at it anyway, as she was not any good at school sport.
  3. Pete, 33, has been married for 12 years, and during that time, his time for exercise has gradually eroded away. He wants to exercise and recognises all the benefits it has to offer. His wife, however, disagrees, and sees exercise as a frivolous waste of time – time that would be better spent doing ‘odd-jobs’ around the house, or getting overtime at work. He is now even too scared to mention his desire to join a gym, as he knows his wife will instantly complain and moan and lecture to him about what his priorities should be, etc. Before he met his wife, he used to really enjoy exercising and playing sport, considering himself to be good at them. Now his confidence has gone too, as his dominant wife has gradually belittled him more-and-more over the years.
  4. Angela is confident that with a good personal trainer, she could really get motivated to exercise. She values exercise and would like the physique that the appropriate exercise could offer her. She has, however, been exercising on and off for a few years now – she will join a gym, go for a few weeks and then her attendance will gradually reduce until she no longer goes for several months; and then the cycle will begin again. Her partner wants her to go, as he wants her to enjoy herself, although he personally does not enjoy it and will not go himself.
  5. Gary is keen to join a gym because his fitness instructor friend has told him how many women go there. He is not really interested in exercise, but will do it if it means he can get closer to women. His confidence is amazingly high in everything he does, although it does not always match his ability. A couple of friends also want to join and train with him.
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