Rope Training

Rope training (also known as Warrior or Battle Ropes) is an extremely effective training method that offers impact-free movement while increasing your core, shoulder and grip strength. It is an excellent form of cardio training as you slam the ropes down for strength, power and endurance.

You will walk away from this course ready to start incorporating rope training with either groups of clients or in 1-2-1 PT sessions. The day will cover all you need to run effective rope training sessions, covering an intensive range of exercises. You will learn about the most common exercises for making waves and slams. These can be varied in countless combinations.

Please note:

As part of our response to the current situation, we have decided to change this Profusion course to an eLearning format. This course will soon be available to book.

The online course will include a comprehensive range of rope training exercises with instructions, photographs, and videos throughout. To gain the certificate, you will complete a short online quiz (this can be reattempted) and then download a certificate.

You will also be able to purchase a hard-copy manual to accompany this new online course.

Course Content

  • Benefits of rope training
  • Rope exercises
  • Progressions, regressions and variations
  • Designing rope programmes and sessions
  • Teaching individual clients and groups

Course Details

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