Why is HIIT such a hit?

Andrea Olver, Amac’s Operations Manager, explains why HIIT is such a hit

Since the early twentieth century athletes have used the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in their exercise regimes. HIIT sessions involve periods of high-intensity work paired with a periods of rest or lower-intensity work. The benefits have been well-documented and researched. Nowadays it is unlikely that any top athlete will have reached the top without incorporating HIIT into their training routine, even for endurance sports like marathon running. The commercial success of programmes such as the 300 Workout and Insanity stand testament to just how lucrative HIIT can be. Personal trainers must increase their own knowledge of HIIT as a matter of necessity, especially as it continues to be one of the biggest fitness trends for 2015.

HIIT techniques can be used to burn fat and build muscle and are popular with those wanting to lose weight as well as body-builders. During a HIIT workout, because vigorous activity is limited to short bursts, the body can be pushed close to maximum exertion. From a psychological perspective, it helps to know a less-intense period of exercise will follow. Clients are likely to see their strength and fitness levels increase quickly and this is often a great motivator. It’s also important to consider these fitness achievements in relation to the time commitment involved too. A total workout (including warm-up, cool down and recovery periods) can be achieved in about 20-25 minutes. In comparison to high-volume, low-intensity exercise this is a very efficient mode of training. Please note, this is not to say moderate-intensity and high-volume continuous training is ineffective.

HIIT exercises can be performed anywhere with minimal need for costly equipment. This is a huge advantage to exercise professionals who work outside of a gym environment as well as for clients looking for an alternative workout session. Most personal trainers already incorporate elements of HIIT into their training sessions. They use HIIT to complement a portfolio of exercise options, allowing clients to pick and choose the exercise modality, duration and type that best suits their needs and limitations. The introduction of new exercises and training methods help invigorate training programmes and can spur clients to meet their goals, which ultimately leads to client satisfaction and retention.

If you already hold an accredited L2 Certificate in Gym Instructing you can attend a one-day PROfusion HIIT course to build on your existing knowledge of HIIT training. You will learn how to plan HIIT programmes, how to deliver safe and effective sessions and how to determine the suitability of HIIT for your clients. You will also gain perspective on the debates surrounding HIIT. This course is ideal for all Personal Trainers looking to work with individual clients or with groups. If you are a qualified Gym Instructor it could also enable you to run your own studio-based HIIT sessions. As well as being worth 8 REPs points, Amac’s  PROfusion HIIT course is a great way to make new friends and share best practice.


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