FREE COVID-19 recovery and rehabilitation e-learning programme

Whilst today’s news has revealed the approval of a vaccine for COVID-19 and offers us all a glimmer of hope for the return of some semblance of normality in the relatively near future; it is, however, still with us and just as virulent.

For those who have had this virus and recovered, a number of lasting symptoms have often been reported which have required support and treatment. Please go to the NHS website for some great information about these.

UKactive and CIMSPA have partnered with the NHS and others to create a FREE interactive e-learning programme which targets health and care staff, fitness professionals and carers to inform them of techniques and strategies to help manage the chief symptoms experienced by those recovering from COVID.

This programme consists of four individual modules which covers breathlessness, exercise, cough, and fatigue. Each module is a 20-minute session and on completion, you can download a certificate. This programme has been endorsed by CIMSPA and has been assigned 0.5 points.

To access this free e-learning programme, please follow this link.

For any fitness professional working with those recovering from COVID, it would be prudent to make sure you understand the physical and psychological effects of this virus and take on board suggestions on how to support recovery.

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